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LegitPay platform born out of the need and the necessity to ensure Members and Nigerians at large are at the forefront in earning using their smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers, provided their devices are connected to the Internet.

LegitPay - Legit Pay Advertising Revenue is the very best ’s #1 designed Earning signature platform, through legitimate systematic social activity platforms such as Engaging to READ NEWS. SHARE Sponsored TASKS. Comment on NEWS. Refer your Friends and Family. Get Paid. LegitPay.

Get onboard the smartest Earning platform.  You can ultimately earn between ₦50,000 to ₦300,000 every week basis with our substantial earning process by just sharing our posts, Discuss and Viral Share Post and Referring, great review systems - fast PAYOUTS.

LegitPay.ng is owned by a multi-million Cryptocurrency company, by EVA TRADING BUSINESS SERVICES, a FINTECH company duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with Number: BN3243932 for general merchandise, trading purposes, and online digital legitimate activities, News and Blog. We can be verified on the Corporate Affairs Website. Click Here to learn more about EVA TRADING BUSINESS SERVICES

EVA TRADING BUSINESS SERVICES as a company is a multi-faceted company that has processed almost a Billion naira in transactions on Cryptocurrencies for their thousands of customers worldwide. You can learn more about who EVA TRADING BUSINESS SERVICES is by learn about us here.

Being a Responsible Company At EVA TRADING BUSINESS SERVICES, we have always believed in the importance of building a great, enduring company that strikes a balance between profitability and a social conscience. It started with our enthusiasm to deliver an instant and easy platform ecosystem for Digital Assets trading and to bridge a gap which we’d like to be experienced by our teaming customers all around Nigeria.

Our business is legal, with a physical office address at ES 04 Jahi District Jahi Abuja, No 34, Old karu market road, Karu Abuja. Nigeria.

Our Mission:

To educate, empower, and inspire youth and community development.

Integrity: We act with honesty, uprightness, transparency, and without compromising the truth; we strive for a high moral character in all our actions.

Innovation: We always evolve new creative ideas that can add value to life and change the world.

Excellence: We give our best to the task at hand at all times; with dedication and commitment we put our heart and mind in the work to get the best.

Safety: We create and ensure a safe and trouble-free space and experience for everyone.

Teamwork: We value cooperation, using our individual skills, and providing constructive feedback to get everyone on the same page; we work collaboratively with people and organizations in order to achieve a goal.

Equality: We believe in fairness, objectivity, and mutual respect; we have no room for discrimination.

Sacrifice: We take ownership and go the extra mile, placing others before ourselves.

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