Sunday Igboho Is In Trouble, See The Unbelievable Thing President Buhari Has Done To Him

Sunday Igboho may likely remain in Benin prison for a very long time because the Nigerian government has added to his problems. It was reported that the Benin court has ordered Sunday Igboho to remain in the cell till further notice. Also, report has revealed that the Nigerian government has added new charges to Sunday Igboho' s case.

According to Sahara Reporters, Sunday Igboho has been slammed with new charges by the Nigerian government. A source told Sahara Reporters that Sunday Igboho would be made to explain how he came into the Benin Republic. At the same time, Sunday Igboho will explain why he is in the Benin Republic and if he is unable to provide necessary documents to back up his claims, he may be sent to jail. This may also allow the Nigerian government to repatriate Sunday Igboho back to Nigeria.

Sahara Reporters said that the case before the Benin court is a very strong one. He claimed that the case now is between Sunday Igboho and the Benin government. The court wants to know why Sunday Igboho came to the Benin Republic. The court also wants to know if Sunday Igboho entered the country legally or illegally.

According to report, it states that " The charges between Sunday Igboho and the Nigerian government has been finally dropped. Now, Sunday Igboho would have to explain to the court what he came to do in Benin. He has to give a good explanation and make the court know exactly what he is here for. Aside from that, the court wants to know if Sunday Igboho came in through the back door or if he followed the legal process. "

" When his lawyer heard the new charges, he was surprised that the Benin court filed such full suit against Sunday Igboho. But the lawyer of Sunday Igboho has made it clear that they would try to bail Sunday Igboho from the cell so he can go for a medical checkup. The source revealed that the court may be working with the Nigerian government in other to allow them to arrest Sunday Igboho and bring him to Nigeria. "