FROM LAGOS TO SWEDEN: Meet Dare Sweet, Sweden’s AfroPop Prince

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FROM LAGOS TO SWEDEN: Meet Dare Sweet, Sweden’s AfroPop Prince

June 5, 2021

By Temisan Amoye

Dare Sweet (IG:@iamdaresweet) is an independent singer and songwriter, born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, He moved to Stockholm, Sweden, before relocating to Växjö to enroll in Linnea University. Since starting his career in music, he has earned opportunities to perform alongside the likes of Davido, Busy Signal, and Gyptian, as well as being chosen to perform in London by Kida Kudz, sharing the stage with Krept & Konan and Kojo Funds. Seizing his position as ‘Sweden’s afro-pop prince’. Going on to create his yearly themed concert “Dare Sweet and Friends” which features himself and other Afrofusion musicians in Sweden

He recently released a six-track EP “Friends With Benefits” which was produced by “Smartbeat” except for “Focus” which was produced by “Lush Beats” Who produced hit songs like “Madu” by Kizz Daniel.

Q: Were you always into performing Afro Pop?

A: No I was a dancer. I usually danced for money, when I was growing up in Lagos, Nigeria. I had a Dj friend who played at children’s birthday parties every other weekend. So, funny enough, she would usually dress me up as Mickey Mouse or a clown sometimes. This turned out to be my major source of income at a very young age. Then one day at one of the parties I met someone who introduced me to songwriting, these guys were already making rap music.

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I joined their group, and with time, I started to understand the rap game and at some point I found my own sound which is AfroPop and i decided to stick to that as it comes to me more easily than trying to rap.

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Q: How would you describe Afro Pop and your music?

A: I would describe it in two ways:

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The term Afro Pop is the perfect description for my music. Most people tend to generalize the sound by calling it Afrobeat, but mine is afropop and the reason is I am a product of many artists, I listened to a bunch of artists when i was growing up as a child i listened to anything that sounds good does not have to be a particular genre.

There was a time I was listening to a lot of Chinese music i found online. So, this behavior has helped me shape my sound. My sound could not easily be described because sometimes when I am creating and experimenting, I get surprised by the end product. However, I like to call it AfroPop. Because, it will always have the Nigerian Afrobeat flavor with a blend of all other types of world genres i choose to blend in when i am creating this sound.

Q: How did you feel when you noticed you started to compile a fanbase?

A: Best feeling in the world. I mean we are all humans and it always feels good when we do something or invest time into creating a product and people actually appreciate it.

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Honestly, in most cases people do not see the hard work behind the scenes. They only see the finished product, so I am usually happy when I get both positive and negative comments. At least someone is paying attention. It’s a good thing.

Q: What are three things you would like your fans to know?

A:You mean about me or just to know in general?

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Well, about me: I am very weird, annoying and I love video games.

Q: What was your first red carpet experience like?

A: It was in 2013 on a boat, I was nominated for an award and they had the award party on a boat. The red carpet was like somewhere in front of this huge boat, so there was like a view of the sea all over the place and I am one of those who are afraid of water. So i looked terrified during the entire program.

Apart from that. It was a great experience, it was my first ever award nomination and my first time on a red carpet.

Q: How has your experience in Sweden been? Have you gone anywhere else out of the country since?

A: Well, Sweden is a nice place. I believe Sweden is one of the most beautiful and accommodating places I have ever been. However it is not easy to be an AfroBeat/Af