Earn ₦40,000 to ₦200,000 Weekly Using This Secret. How To Start Getting Massive Referrals Under You On LegitPay Using Your Social Media Pages.

Earn ₦40,000 to ₦200,000 Weekly Using This Secret. How To Start Getting Massive Referrals Under You On LegitPay Using Your Social Media Pages.
How to accept payment

It is of core importance to every LegitPay Member to managing their very own WhatsApp Group or Facebook Group in getting REFERRALS with LegitPay and cashing out steadily. These tasks cannot be really overemphasized.

How to accept payment

Have you ever imagine, why most of the Members on LegitPay tend to keep cashing out steadily on the LegitPay platform? Their REFERRAL EARNINGS on a daily business day without hassles and issues?

These persons do not generally have anything that makes them superficial or super-heroes.

Little wonder, these sets of members have always been cashing out Referral Earnings steadily with LegitPay Ads Revenue.

See. It is only when you are not passionate about something that'll make someone not be able to manage at least 3 to 5 LegitPay WhatsApp or Facebook Groups.

If you have a hot-smoking-fire-proof-burning-passion, creating 3 to 5 LegitPay WhatsApp or Facebook Groups would just be the tip of the iceberg for you. It's very simple as all you have to do is to manage the 3 to 5 LegitPay WhatsApp or Facebook Groups by updating it regularly. Posting each of them on different Facebook Groups online to get newbies that want to optin to LegitPay through you.

Thinking it's not possible? Now think again.

How To Earn ₦40,000 to ₦200,000 Referral Earning, Manage 3 to 5 LegitPay WhatsApp or Facebook Groups Consistently

  1. Every Member is expected to create an LegitPay WhatsApp or Facebook Group, if possible, 3 to 5. Use LegitPay images as the Group Picture and name it LegitPay Earning, LegitPay Revenue, LegitPay Elites, LegitPay Members, or whatever brand of LegitPay name you would like to choose.

  2. Add as many Freinds and Family Members to your LegitPay WhatsApp or Facebook Group, advertise your LegitPay WhatsApp groups to several Facebook Groups to get daily prospects and optins.

  3. Post as many LegitPay Past Payouts Proofs. Go here to get them - Download the proofs from the past payouts proofs and always use it to update your LegitPay  WhatsApp or Facebook Groups.

  4. Update your WhatsApp group participants about LegitPay all the time and encourage them to join LegitPay to start cashing out like you.

  5. Talk about LegitPay in your group very well and share your Referral links for them to join through you.

  6. Earn Up to ₦40,000 to ₦200,000 easy earnings through your 3 to 5 LegitPay WhatsApp Groups- This is achievable.

  7. Click Here to Use Past LegitPay members Payments proofs to advertise in your LegitPay WhatsApp Group

  8. Save your WhatsApp Group Link to your LegitPay Account > Dashboard > UPDATE PROFILE > WhatsApp Group Link > Update Links INFO

  9. That's all

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Onboarding and REGISTERING to LegitPay comes with 2 PACKAGES.

1. STARTER PACKAGE (₦2,000): This package is for those who want to try their legs with LegitPay Ads Revenue. It's for those who want to learn and get to understand the inner work-around with LegitPay. It is a basic fundamental process of Earning substantially with LegitPay Ads Revenue. You earn ₦1,200 when you refer someone to the STARTER PACKAGE on LegitPay.

To become a STARTER member, you have to first register a STARTER account (REGISTER HERE)

How to accept payment

Getting onboard LegitPay Ads Revenue for the STARTER PACKAGE, you are required to make a one-time PAYMENTS only of ₦2,000 with us on the system. You would not be asked to re-subscribe again on this PACKAGE.

You can pay online with your ATM card or Buy E-PIN CODE from our APPROVED EPIN DISTRIBUTORS NATIONWIDE HERE.

2. BOSS PACKAGE (₦4,000): As the name implies. It's for those who want to sit down and enjoy their meal. This package is for those who really want to get down with us, earn with their 2 hands. This is you. You're the BOSS. This is the PACKAGE you ought to be to enjoy a superficial earning process with LegitPay Ads Revenue. You earn a whopping ₦2,500 Referral Earning when you refer someone, your downline to this PACKAGE.

How to accept payment

This is the best PACKAGE you should be as it gives you leverage to earn from both BOSS and STARTER referral earnings at the same time without hassles and issues.

You earn much more on this PACKAGE and gain full control. This PACKAGE is only valid every 5months. This means it has to be renewed every 5 months which we believed before then, you must have cashed out even over a million naira with us, if you are serious, consistent, and earning with the LegitPay Ads Revenue - LegitPay with us.

How to accept payment

PAY ATTENTION: LegitPay wants to be the biggest branded Paying Affiliate Forum in Nigeria. Not just paying her members but making sure they get and enjoy what it means to be with the top-class brand we have stood for. Integrity and transparency. Rush now and join us. 

How to accept payment

Why YOU Need To REGISTER On LegitPay Ads Revenue - LegitPay.ng

Registering to LegitPay Ads Revenue STARTER PACKAGE - ₦2,000 or to the BOSS PACKAGE - ₦4,000, you stand the chance to earn more greatly to your Bank Account steadily every single day and Every Month. Guaranteed!


Register On LegitPay Ads Revenue - READ. SHARE. Comment. Refer. Get Paid - Cash-Out To Your Nigerian Bank Account Every Day Of Your REFERRAL EARNING and Every Month of your LARS EARNING. Guaranteed! - We're Legit! - JOIN US NOW!

How to accept payment
  • Why You should REGISTER with LegitPay Ads Revenue

  • Cashout Activity (LARS) Earnings Monthly Easily. No Stories.

  • Earn ₦1,200 or ₦2,500 Referral Earning. Biggest Earning!

  • Get Paid in less than 24hours After Request.

  • Earn From Facebook Sponsored Post Earnings daily.

  • No Rules for Referral Earning Cashout.

  •  No Stories. Withdraw to your Bank.

  • You get the BOSS Blue Tick Verified Badge (BOSS PACKAGE).

  • Automatic PAYOUTS Linked with PAYSTACK

  • PAYOUTS That Is Faster Than Your Imagination!

Earn ₦40,000 to ₦200,000 Weekly Using This Secret. How To Start Getting Massive Referrals Under You On LegitPay Using Your Social Media Pages.!

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Create a LegitPay WhatsApp Group and Update the WhatsApp Group to your LegitPay Profile (COMPULSORY). Add Friends & Family to the Group and inturn Post Your PAYMENT ALERTS In The WhatsApp GROUP Always. This TASK is necessarily important. Learn More. (Ignore this step if you have already done this)


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