BREAKING: Cotonou's Court Has Finally Set A Date For The Transfer Of Sunday Igboho To Nigeria

Sunday Igboho' s extradition to the Nigerian government has been announced, the report said According to the report, the court will sit today Thursday to decide the fate of Sunday Igboho.

His lawyers are expected to appear in court to state their grievances against the government. A court in Benin Republic has set Thursday, July 22, as the start of the trial of Sunday Igboho, a Yoruba separatist.

Igboho spokesman Olayomi Koiki announced plans to hear the case on Wednesday, July 21, PM News reported.

The Yoruba separatist, who is still being held by the Criminal Brigade in Cotonou, will know his fate during the hearing, The Nation added.

Sunday Igboho way Koiki on Wednesday noted that the hearing would allow Igboho' s lawyers to go there and defend the opposition' s case.

According to him: " I can assure you, he will have the opportunity to be heard in the court of the Republic of Benin, respecting international law.

He will stay today (Thursday) by the grace of God. The trial is set to begin at 10 a. m. in a Benin court. " The court will decide the fate of the extradition and we will have the opportunity to present our case especially on Igboho' s case.

" We know the magnitude of what the Nigerian government is trying to do if they try to capture Igboho but they will fail, God willing. They wanted to arrest him (Igboho), but God forbid. "

Meanwhile, in a statement issued on Tuesday, July 20, Igboho' s lawyer, Yomi Alliyu (SAN) said that his client was trying to board a flight to Germany with his German wife when Interpol police officers they followed them and crushed them.

Alliyu said he was abducted in Benin Republic, a neighboring African country to Nigeria